Jul 29, 2012

Little Green Man hat (Inspired by the characters from Toy Story)

My sister requested a funny hat inspired by one of her favorite Pixar characters. I haven't figured out how to capture Wall-e yet, so she got a Little Green Man from Toy Story. I haven't seen any other patterns available, so I made it up and created a pattern free for use for all non-commercial purposes.

(Note that the hat in the picture has a different edging than described below. I think the pattern will result in a better looking product.)

Size 6 DPNs or magic loop for knitting “in the round”
2 Size 6 DPNs for I-Cord
Yarn needle
Crochet hook, Size G 3.75mm
Worsted weight yarns:
Royal blue (small amount)
Black (small amount)
White yarn (small amount)
Light green (pea green? One skein)

Body of Hat:
Cast on 90 stiches in blue yarn (sized for small/medium adult head. Easily scaled up in multiples of 10)
R1-3: K1P1 around
R4-6: Switch to green; K1P1 around
Continue to knit around in green for four inches beyond ribbed edging (total of 5” or what is needed for fit)
Decrease rows:
R1: k8, K2TOG
R2: K7, K2TOG
R3: K6, K2TOG
R4-7: continue decreasing pattern
R8: K1, K2TOG (20 stitches remain)
R9-10: K ALL
R11: K2TOG AROUND (10 stitches remain)
R12-13: K ALL
R14: K2TOG AROUND (5 stitches remain)
R15: K2TOG, K 3 remaining stitches (4 stitches remain)
Continue knitting in I-CORD about 2.5”, one round of K2TOG, then finish off
Tie I-CORD in a loose knot to form top of antennae

Eyes (make three):
R1: using white yarn, form loop, 1 sc, then make 8 sc in the loop (magic circle 8), slip stitch in first sc to complete round
R2: 2 sc in each of first round, slip stitch in first sc
R3: alternate 1 sc then 2 sc in each sc, slip stitch in first sc
R4: 1 sc all around, slip stitch
R5: 1 sc all around, slip stitch
R6: alternate 1 sc then 2 sc in each sc, slip stitch, pull stitch through to finish off
Leave a tail of at least 10”
Using black yarn and a needle—pass yarn through center of “eye” then through gaps in second row to form pupils
Use a small amount of stuffing and white yarn tail to stitch eyes onto finished hat (character’s center eye is slightly higher than outside eyes)

Ears (make two):
R1: using green yarn, magic circle 8, pull tail,  do not join, ch1 and turn
R2: 1sc then 2sc in the next st
R3: ch1 turn, 1sc then 2sc in the next st
R4: ch1 turn, 1sc in each st 
R5: ch1 turn, 1sc then 2sc in the next st
R6: 1sc in each st 
R7: ch1 turn, 1sc then 2sc in the next st
R8: 1sc in each st 
R9: ch1 turn, 1sc then 2sc in the next st
Finish off, fold corner over as pictured (not quite in half), stitch edges together, then sew onto finished hat

Using black yarn, create mouth as desired (character’s mouth seems to spread a little wider than the two outside pupils)

Inspired by this pattern: