Jul 28, 2013

Snowy owl magnet or ornament

My recreation of a crochet project pictured here:

Start with a loop
Chain 3 then 18 triple crochet (TC) into loop, slip stitch to close circle
1st Head/ear: Chain 4, 4 TC into same space, then [2 SC, slip stitch] into space at top of last TC, chain 4, slip stitch into next space
2nd Head/ear: In next space, slip stitch, Chain 4, 1TC, [2 SC, slip stitch] into space at top of last TC, 3 TC into same space, Chain 4, slip stitch into next space

Break off yarn

Tail: Join again at bottom of circle so tail is centered below head
1st space-4 chain, TC
2nd space 2TC
3rd space 2TC
4th space 2TC
5th space TC, 4 chain, bind off

Add details with orange yarn
I used brown pipecleaner to fashion little twig
Add magnet or ornament hanger, as needed

Jan 26, 2013

Aviator hat for high-flying toddlers

This pattern is based off of several inspiration photos on Pinterest. Incredibly cute on a toddler (see last picture of my niece sporting the first attempt). This pattern is free to use for all non-commercial purposes. Enjoy!

Size:  infant/toddler (pretty stretchy to go for an older child, easily made larger--see note below)

Size 6 DPNs or magic loop
Size F or G (size not critical) crochet hook
Half skein of brown yarn (worsted weight)
Half skein of white/cream yarn (worsted weight)

Cast on 64 stitches (increase/decrease in multiples of 8), join to knit in the round
Knit 12 rows in garter stitch (knit all one row, purl next row)
Switch to knit all rows (stockinette stitch) until hat measures 4.5” from edge
Decrease rows
1: k6, k2tog
2: k5, k2tog
3: k4, k2tog
4: k all
5: k3, k2tog
6: k2, k2tog
7: k all
8: K1, k2tog
9: K2tog
Pass yarn through remaining stitches and tighten to bind off hat

Ear flaps (make two)
Note on placement: Position the two ear flaps a little behind the halfway mark on each side (for 64 stitches, I placed them so there were 20 stitches between the flaps at the front and 12 at the back)
For each flap, pick up 16 stitches (pulling loops to the outside/right side of hat)
Knit four rows (garter stitch)
Decreases: K2tog, knit to end, K2tog
Repeat this for each row until only 4 stitches remain
To create straps:
Knit 14 rows in this pattern:
Right side: K4
Wrong side: K1, p2, k1
To finish off: ssk (slip stitch decrease) and k2tog (2 st remain), pass yarn through remaining stitches to bind off, leave some yarn for finishes
Closure: If desired, you can sew a button onto one flap and then fashion a button loop of yarn on the other flap.

Contrasting white flap:
Pick up 20-22 stitches along the front of the hat between the two ear flaps
Knit all rows for 16 rows (or until flap is as long as the garter edging on the hats)
Bind off final row
Flip the white flap up and tack onto the hat using hat color (or buttons, if preferred)

Finishing (contrasting color):
To give the illusion of a lined hat, add a crocheted edging to the hat:
Slip stitch at one end of the white flap, then single crochet along the brim all the way around until you reach the other end of the white flap again.

·         - The first one I made used a seed stitch for the ear flaps and hat border. It’s a cuter stitch, but makes a little bit of a ridge at the seam along the hat brim.
·         - I used a large wooden button on one hat and a crochet-made button on the other. Just be sure it's not a choking hazard!
·         - I was working from my stash, but I think a fluffy white yarn would make the white edging and flap really adorable.