Jun 28, 2009

Ladybug fridge magnets

There are lots of bug magnets online that I looked at before dreaming these up. The steps were:

1. Paint the clothespins black (I pulled the springs out first so they would stay silver and reassembled them once they'd dried a couple of hours)
2. Cut out red craft foam as shown for wings (an oval with a small wedge cut out)
3. Glue black sequins to foam for spots
4. Cut a 2-3in piece of black pipe cleaner and fold it into two antennae
5. Glue wings to the clothespin with about 3/4 inch for the face, then glue anttenae and googly eyes into that space
6. Once things have set up a bit, glue a magnet to the underside (I use fairly powerful round magnets, make sure what you use will stick to the refrigerator and hold some weight)

I think they'd be cuter if I was able to curve the wings downward a bit. You might try to think up some way to do that.

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