Feb 17, 2008

The Hip-Conservative Business Card Wallet

I just got business cards for the first time and I wanted a card holder that wasn't too fussy but also wasn't too cutesy. I got the idea for this project from some Etsy items, and I think these might be the right balance-- hip but conservative. I'll take them to a conference next month and see how I like it in action.

The final wallet is about 5x3 on the outside; your cards can be up to 2.5 x 3.75 in size (and this obviously scales up and down as you need).

Materials needed:
- Cardstock paper or other inspiring materials
- laminating machine or contact paper (or use paper that is already slick and sturdy)
- sewing machine
- matching or contrasting thread
- clear-dry glue

1. Cut card stock into 8.5 x 4.75 inch rectangle.
2. Laminate the paper (or use laminated paper to start with). I used contact paper, but any flexible laminating material will do.
3. Fold the two short ends of the rectangle down 1 1/4 inches (to make the pockets for the cards.
4. Sew the two long sides of the wallet with a 1/4 inch seam (on the paper, not through the laminate). Make sure to face the outside of the wallet up as you stitch-- the needle pushes the paper into little peaks, so you want to hide this on the inside of the wallet.
5, Spread just a little glue (that dries clear) over the ends of the thread. The laminate doesn't hide them as well as normal cloth does.

Improvements you might make on my design:
- use a lamination method or buy laminated cardstock that doesn't require quarter-inch borders. I used contact paper and the large plastic borders are not as fabulous as one might want.
- Try using maps as the paper (this is what some Etsy folks are doing).
- I had pretty cardstock with a coordinating color on the inside. If you have something without a pretty back side, try using two pieces of paper together. You'll have to worry about getting them to stick together and whether they'll fold smoothly.
- cut paper with pinking shears for a different edge.

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