Feb 10, 2008

New Pattern: Ruffles the Hat and Bootie Set

Needles: size 3
Yarn: MC: Baby Bee Little Britches yarn in Breebug (4oz/252yds)-- uses less than half a skein
CC: Baby Bee Sweet Delight yarn in ??purple?? (4oz/377yds)-- does not use up much at all

Ruffles the Hat
Rounds with 54 stitches= 11" (for 3-5 lb preemies)
Rounds with 72 stitches= 15"circumference (for newborns)

CO 189 (252) stitches in CC
Row 1: knit around
Switch to MC
R2: *k, K2tog(3 times); repeat from * around (108/144 stitches)
R3: knit around
R4: k2tog around (54 stitches)
R5: * k1 p1; repeat from* around (work this row tightly to cinch in the hat brim)
R6 (twisted rib): *k1 through back loop, p1; repeat from * around
R7-10: repeat this row 4 times
R11: eyelet row: *yarn forward, k2tog; repeat from * around
R12: knit around (knitting through front loop of eyelets so they stay open)
repeat knit row until piece measures 3" from brim (3.5” for larger size)
(on last knit row, place markers every nine stitches to help you keep track of decreases)

Decreases for crown:
R1: knit (x 7), k2tog
R2: knit even rows
R3: knit (x 6), k2tog
R5: knit (x 5), k2tog
R7: knit (x 4), k2tog
R9: knit (x 3), k2tog
R11: knit (x 2), k2tog
R13: knit (x 1), k2tog
R15: k2tog
run yarn through loops to bind off

Ruffles the Socks
cast on 84 stitches in CC
Divide stitches on three needles.
Row1: Join and knit around one row
switch to MC
R2: *k, k2tog (3 times) rep * around
R3: knit around
R4: k2tog all around
R5: *K1, P1 rep * around
R6 (twisted rib): *K1 into back, P1, rep * around
R7-10: repeat Row 6 four times
R11: Eyelet Row: *yo, k2tog rep * around (these are the eyelets)
R12: knit around, knitting through the front loop of the eyelets so they stay open
Knit even in stockinette stitch until desired length is reached:
For smaller (preemie) size, work until 2”
For larger (newborn) size, work until 3.25 before toes

K2tog on all needles (12 stitches)
knit one round even.
K2tog on all needles (6 stitches)
Knit one round even, thread needle through and gather toe stitches. Tie off and weave in ends.

finished sock is about 2.5" (3.75”) long from heel to toe

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